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Installation of Paragon Star fields

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. / August 3, 2023 – To build an athletics experience like no other, you have to do things differently. That’s why we’ve taken the time and put in the effort to find and utilize the most advanced, professional products and technology available. We’ve partnered with numerous leaders in field development, including Brock USA, AstroTurf, LAND3 Studio, Mid-America Sports Construction and Musco Lighting, to uniquely design our ten professional-size fields to deliver the highest levels of both quality and safety.

To get started, we turned to LAND3 Studio, a prestigious Kansas City-based landscape architecture firm, to help us design what we envisioned for the sports complex. With their expertly laid plan, we then worked with Mid-America Sports Construction to bring it to life through their expertise in building state-of-the-art athletic sports fields.

We are proud to be the region’s first sports complex with fields that utilize both the Brock SP17XL Shock Pad and BrockFILL™. Our fields will also feature AstroTurf’s renowned LigaTurf soccer turf system. The combination of these two vendors’ high-quality products enables us to provide an athletics experience like none other in the Midwest.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the complex, even down to the lights. The fields will feature an extensive system of LED lights, including the Control-Link™ Control and Monitoring System and Show-Light+™ Entertainment Package from Musco Lighting, for a total of 380 total fixtures that will enable us to provide a professional stadium atmosphere, day or night. Read on to learn more about how the careful thought put into these various elements of field construction help us elevate the athletic experience.

The Shock Pad

Studies show that at least one in five sports-related concussions occur as a result of head-to-surface impact. With player safety our top priority, we teamed up with Brock, whose mission and values mirror our own. Through extensive research and testing, they’ve made advancements in material technology to create field shock pads that are engineered to lower the critical safety impact rating to that of a well-groomed natural grass field. All ten of our fields will feature the Brock SP17XL shock pad as the base to provide this added layer of protection.

The Infill

While the shock pad works to absorb impact, Brock’s infill, BrockFILL™, helps athletes maintain stability. Rubber infill can cause an athlete’s foot to slip, leading to less movement stability. That’s why BrockFILL™ is a special wood particle infill that’s specifically designed to improve traction. Another advantage of this unique organic infill is its ability to absorb water from the air and precipitation, which when later released creates a cooling effect that can lower the turf temperature by 20-50 degrees. This helps keep the artificial turf from getting too hot and decreases the risk of heat-related injuries for athletes, unlike traditional crumb rubber infill, which can reach dangerous temperatures as high as 180°F.


Brock’s products are not only better for athletes, but also better for the planet. BrockFILL™ is made from a species of southern pine that’s grown, harvested, and replanted in continuous cycles. This organic, renewable infill is produced through an 11-step conditioning process that considers the impact on our planet every step of the way. BrockFILL™ is designed to be durable and long-lasting, and even sequesters, or captures, CO2 from the air. This carbon doesn’t simply re-enter the atmosphere when it decomposes. Rather, proper composting strategies ensure the carbon captured by the BrockFILL™ enters the soil as it decomposes, creating a benefit that extends far beyond the field.

The Turf

Like Brock, AstroTurf has put in the work to create a top-of-the-line product with their LigaTurf artificial turf. Through global collaboration on research and development, LigaTurf sets the standard for its ability to provide the most grass-like energy restitution and reduce joint fatigue, as well as maintain the most uniform playing surface over time. It also ensures stability for optimal cleat release and helps reduce the chance of concussions through impact absorption.

In bringing all of these specialized pieces and partners together, we aim to create a world-class athletics experience centered around keeping players healthy and happy. We are excited for our fields to be played on this summer and are eager to host many sporting events this fall. We believe our athletes and their families will notice and appreciate the Paragon Star difference, thanks to the immense effort and teamwork of all of our fantastic partners.

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