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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer concessions? Are there food and drink options available?

We are currently partnering with local food and beverage vendors to offer a variety of options during tournaments, events and on weekends. You can also find vending machines throughout the complex, as well as our newest offering MiniMelts Ice Cream.

Are pets allowed in the Sports Complex?

Pets are not allowed in the Paragon Star Sports Complex. We do recognize and welcome certified service animals but kindly request that you provide necessary documentation upon arrival for verification. 

Is parking available at the Sports Complex?

The Paragon Star Sports Complex has free, on-site parking. All parking is free. However, there is no overnight parking. If you are needing accommodations for larger vehicles such as RVs or chartered buses, please contact us at or call us at 816.207.4500.

Click here to view our facility map. 

How do I rent a field?

If you are interested in renting or leasing a field please fill out our Field Rental Inquiry Form.

What are the Sports Complex rules and policies?

Please see our Rules page for a all Sports Complex and field rules and policies.

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