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Paragon Star Sports Complex

Building the Perfect Playing Field

To build an athletics experience like no other, you have to do things differently. That’s why Paragon Star has taken the time and put in the effort to find and utilize the most advanced, professional products and technology available. We’ve partnered with numerous leaders in field development, including Brock USAAstroTurfLAND3 StudioMid-America Sports Construction and Musco Lighting, to uniquely design our ten professional-size fields to deliver the highest levels of both quality and safety.


Leading Excellence

  • SHOCK PADS: Engineered to lower the critical safety impact rating to that of natural grass fields
  • STABILITY: Special wood particle infill designed to improve traction
  • COOLER FIELDS: Water absorbency enables it to cool the turf by 20-50 degrees
  • ORGANIC INFILL: Made from sustainably sourced southern pine that is durable, long-lasting and captures CO2 from the Air