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Paragon Star, a mixed-use development in Lee’s Summit, MO with over 190 acres and 10 state-of-the-art soccer fields, is excited to partner with USSSA in offering Omega Ball at the Paragon Star Sports Complex. OmegaBall is a new team sport with 3 Teams, 3 Goals, 3 Periods making it faster paced with ten times more scoring and action.

What sets OmegaBall apart?

    • Five players on each team of the three teams
    • No offsides, cherry-picking is encouraged
    • No throw-ins, only corner kicks, and the ball is placed on closest corner kick location and can be played in any direction
    • Quick restarts, after a goal conceding team begins to play immediately
    • “Vulture Play,” allows players to exploit the other attacking team, steal the ball, and score at any moment

Players engage in fast-paced matches where they can showcase their agility, strength, and strategy. The combination of basketball’s dribbling and shooting techniques, soccer’s teamwork and ball control, and handball’s physicality and agility creates a dynamic and electrifying gameplay experience. The sport demands both individual skill and seamless teamwork, ensuring that every match is a spectacle to behold.

Why offer OmegaBall?

Paragon Star is committed to bringing innovation and world-class sports facilities to the Mid-West, and so the decision to introduce OmegaBall aligns perfectly with our vision. By embracing this new sport, Paragon Star continues to deliver on access to the latest and most thrilling activities, solidifying its position as a premier destination for sports and entertainment.

How did OmegaBall start?

OmegaBall emerged from the creative minds of visionary game designers and sports enthusiasts who sought to create a game that combines the best elements of various popular sports. The result is a dynamic fusion of basketball, soccer, and handball, combining fast-paced action, strategic play, and thrilling competition. By blending these elements, OmegaBall introduces a unique and captivating experience that will leave players and spectators on the edge of their seats.

Are you interested in playing?

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Omega Ball 101

OmegaBall Rules

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