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 General Information

The Paragon Star Soccer League (PSL) will provide the highest quality, professional-level facilities and unparalleled customer service while delivering a safe, family-friendly experience for the youth soccer community. The PSL welcomes all Clubs and independent teams at various playing levels regardless of registration affiliation. League Rules have been designed to promote player development, league transparency, and fair/healthy competition between teams.


  • PSL will start competition March 8th, 2024 through the spring
  • PSL offers eight game season
  • PSL will offer a “Platform Friendlies” division for teams participating in Girls Academy (GA), ECNL, ECRL, NPL, and National League – Elite 64/P.R.O./MWC. Platform games will start in January.
  • Flexible game scheduling on weekends or weeknights, dependent on opposing team availability.
  • Competition Council representation comprised of PSL Members.
  • PSL will offer and support Referee Development and “Respect the Game” education for spectators and coaches.
  • PSL will offer future Tournament Discounts for teams playing in the League.
  • For questions, contact